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My New Blog at

If you stumbled across this old blog I would like to point you towards my new blog which can be found at this address:

This blog is now my archive in that I’ve got loads of old material that I’d like to keep.

My new blog is mainly about travel and is aimed at people who want to travel independently and just need a bit of encouragement. I share stories, offer advice and hope to answer questions about equipment, money and anything else people are worried about. This is probably the most useful article: 10 Skills for Independent Travel. Continue reading

Do I Need Hiking Boots?

This article is for people who are wondering what kind of walking boots they should get.

My last visit to Scotland was transformed because I took my big hiking boots. They added a lot of bulk and weight to my rucksack and this made me determined to use them. Continue reading

Scotland can Learn From Breakup of Yugoslavia

One of my main fears about Scottish independence is based on my experience of nationalism in the former Yugoslavia during the 1990s. It was nationalism that started the war that killed almost a quarter of a million people and broke up a once-great country into seven small states (most of which are bankrupt). Continue reading

I’m Going into Rehab

Tomorrow I will be admitted into Castle Craig Rehab Clinic as an addict. For ten days I will join a community of alcoholics, drug addicts, therapists and medics – and be asked to open up about the psychological issues that caused my addiction. My mobile, laptop and Kindle will be taken away from me and I will be expected to stay on the campus 24/7. Continue reading

How to Write an Article

My friend George is taking a month off to travel to Albania, Montenegro and Bosnia. He recently set up a company in Bucharest making (and selling) the most perfect eclairs. But building up a new company is hard work, George is a perfectionist and he’s exhausted. George said he would like to write articles and I said I’d like to publish them. I also said I would write an article about how to write an article — and here it is. Continue reading

Travelling in My Own Country

Travelling is about getting far away from home, spending a long time in an exotic location, living on a budget, avoiding tourists, getting to know different people and having “an experience.” Or is it?

Continue reading

Where’s the Cheapest Place in Europe?

I had always assumed that Romania was the cheapest place in Europe, which is a damn good reason for living there (other reasons are that they’re friendly, honest, loyal, multilingual, flexible, fun-loving and great to work with). Continue reading

How Much Luggage Should I Take?

If you’re wondering how much luggage to take on your journey you’re asking the wrong question. The fact is you will fill up whatever bag you use for the journey, so the correct question is “What bag should I use?” Continue reading

Two War Books for Travellers

I’ve only just worked out something that everyone else knew ages ago – this year is the 100th anniversary of the start of World War One. Continue reading

10 Reasons Why Hitchhiking is Great

Hitching is apparently out of date, out of style and dangerous. I used to hitchhike a lot and recently I have been doing it again, and it’s liberating. Here are 10 reasons why I recommend it: Continue reading